A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation

A2Z2016 – Pain, Passion, Purpose – my journey…

It’s CHESS, not Checkers!  Once I really understood what that statement meant, my life became much more fruitful.  My moves were intentional and had more meaning.  

As I continue to blog in this A to Z Challenge, I am becoming less apprehensive in sharing my inner thoughts and feelings (perhaps becoming a ‘real’ blogger). I share my journey to help others who have locked away the pain of their past, yet the remnants hold them hostage.

I remember the first time these words came to me – pain, passion, and purpose.  You can pull out any of my journals for the last 20 years and find these words somewhere on the pages.  Although the context would change over the years, the theme remained the same. 



– Bad stepfather!…Where is MY father?…Married too young! Who am I? …Miscarriage #1…why? Dropped out of college….Miscarriage #2….Miscarriage #3…Divorce…Poor financial choices…Failed relationships… Mother, where are you?..More poor choices…Miscarriage #4…and #5…Why?!



– True identity…Self-esteem…Motherhood…True Love…Empathy…Loyalty…Truth…Speaker…and  Justice!



-Motivate and Educate

Each day I awake on a mission to inspire others toward feeling good about who they are and how they contribute to this world.  I aim to do this with whomever I encounter as often as possible.

Peace and blessings, Davina 

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