A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation Time

A2Z2016 – “Relax, you will get there…” How my day began.

Really?!  Really?! Interstate 10 (the main artery for me to get to work) is CLOSED!

Normally, it takes me 35 minutes to get to work.  This morning it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes – not an exaggeration! 

So many cars going nowhere. Inching, inching, inching along – people’s minds preoccupied with the fact they are going to be late.  People are texting  and talking on their cell phones all around me.  My phone is ringing – my co-workers are also stuck in traffic.  This is not a natural disaster; but why does it feel like one?  

Just  .4 miles before I make that left turn, according to my Google Map voice.  It seems like a long way to go when you’re moving so slow. I will get there – it just requires patience.   This is when I tell myself, “Relax, you will get there.”  

People are turning off,  making U-turns, and going in different directions while changing their minds or perhaps losing losing their minds.  You can see the desperation in their faces. 

So, I stayed the course.  I’ve made the necessary phone calls  and notified the right people. I am not the only one in this predicament; therefore, I relaxed so I would be safe and sure to get there.

I made it…


  1. Sometimes in the middle of heavy traffic, you merely have to relax, breathe deeply and think that everything will be fine. Because if you get dismayed of the current happenings, the situation will be more likely a burden.

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      1. Ironically, I worry less about my son (who was 14 in September), than I do about my daughter, not quite 12. She tends to be daring where my son thinks things through and does his research first.

        I try to give them little driving pointers whenever we’re in the car together and they’re receptive. I figure that’ll help them build their knowledge base before they’re of age for licenses. =)

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