A to Z Challenge (2016) Motivation

A2Z2016 – Sex sells!  What about education?

It is obvious that during this A to Z Challenge, my posts are ‘real time’ and sometimes a day late .  Why? Because when I try to prepare ahead, I change my mind a gazillion times.  But inevitably something will hit me and I know what I need to share.

So, I was driving home from work today and a billboard caught my attention.  Then my mind wandered to, “Why is there a sexy girl on that billboard selling something that has nothing to do with sex?  

When the focal point of the print advertisement is bosoms, lips, or a crotch – “Houston, we have a problem!”

So I decided to research print advertising to see how many ads I could find like that.  My expectations were exceeded by what I found.  For example, in the  Business Insider article 13 Brands That Use Sex to Sell Their Products, SEX is used to sell clothes, animal welfare, deodorant, shoes, hamburgers, chewing gum, bottled water, and cars.  From Abercrombie and Fitch to Perrier Water – Sex Sells!

So what?! This matters to me because:

  • Everything but education seems to be a priority 
  • Many of the adults responsible for the well-being of todays youth are preoccupied with ‘doing their own thing’ – whatever that may be (buying what the sexy ads are selling, substance abuse, etc.)
  • It bothers me that some of my male students are fixated on hero-worshipping NBA/NFL players, RAP/Metal/Rock musicians, Scarface (fictitious gangster) and El Chapo (very real gangster)!  
  • My female students are fixated on my male students  – and each other.

I am desperate to sell EDUCATION to my students.  To have them buy into it would change their lives and ultimately change the community in which they live.  To have my reading students engaged in learning to make an inference or finding the main idea and supporting details in a social studies text would be hugely rewarding.
Unfortunately, EDUCATION is not selling – specifically in underserved communities.  

Please note: This is not a scientifically researched scholarly article; instead, it’s based on what I see and experience from day to day.  To be continued…why? Because it’s my passion!


    1. My best guess and opinion is: The more recent generation seeks instant gratification; whereas the prior accepted the fact that hard work over a period of time had a greater payoff. Education is valued by those who have to struggle to get it like in other countries. There is currently a great deal of entitlement here in the US.

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