A2Z2016 – Zeal for my Students…

Whew! I made it! The final letter in the A to Z Challenge of 2016.  As a result of this challenge, I blogged 26 days in a row.  My final letter is Z for Zeal.

According to Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary, ZEAL is defined as a strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something.

It’s 2:21am and I have been studying and preparing to take my 3rd semester final exams tomorrow (technically today in a few hours).  One more semester (next Fall) and I am done!  I am doing this because of my love and zeal for my students.  I am determined to be the best teacher I can for them.  My expected return on investment in them is that they develop a zeal for life and persevere through any difficulties they may be experiencing.

I am 100% vested in the social-emotional wellbeing and academic growth of my students.  I know the difference it can make in their future.

So, I do what I have to for my students – from the youngest to the oldest, shortest to tallest, quiet to the most talkative and fidgety ones – I LOVE THEM ALL🦁 

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  1. Bushka says:

    Beautiful, Davina! Such commitment to students. I’m sure they will appreciate it…..Hugs!

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  2. lv2trnscrb says:

    That was such a cute picture with the lion and the cub 🙂

    Wonderful with the zeal you have for your students! I’m sure they are blessed having you as their teacher! Good luck with your exam! Congrats on finishign the challenge!


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