It’s a good thing…

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I just saw this featured meme on Twitter and it made me think about my philosophy on meeting people. 

My husband and close friends have often commented about my inability to go places without talking to strangers (people in my midst).  Whether it is a grocery store, gas station, parking lot, etc., I am always game to smile and ready to engage. 

I find it invaluable to connect with people (not in a weird way).  I don’t want to paint the wrong picture…I am not chasing people down to talk to them.  That would be stalkerish and crazy.  Instead, I follow my inner spirit which guides my decisions on whether or not to engage.  I make eye contact, smile, and wait for the response before I jump to a conversation.  Often, others are engaging me.  I love it!

With each encounter (although a few moments of my schedule are compromised), I walk away better for it in some way.  I learn from people and hopefully they learn from me too.  It’s a good thing!

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree?  


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I must confess. I am addicted to sugar!  

I am not sure of what triggered me, but I fell completely off the wagon! I have had some form of chocolate candy and/or coffee EVERYDAY in the last few weeks.  Now, I recognize the cravings.

It has to stop! My health is at risk…my belly fat is increasing; I’m  lethargic, often feeling stressed and mood swings are on the rise! 

If I feel like this because of sugar, I can’t imagine how a serious drug addict feels.  

I was doing well drinking green smoothies (although I made them sweet too with Stevia), but at least my body was responding positively.

Sugar causes disease and ailments I do not want to live with nor die sooner because of.

I don’t want this!!!  My mother, aunt, and grandfather (diseased) experience(d) DIABETES.  

So, it should be simple- right?  Just STOP!  

Like any addiction – there is more to it.  Sure, I can say the stress of finishing up the school year as a teacher, the teaching internship, trip to Albuquerque, my son’s high school graduation, blah blah blah – are the reasons, but we know it’s deeper than that!

I’m not focused on anything but my health here. I was so happy about my most recent blood work results because I was no longer classified as PRE-DIABETIC. 

I lost focus – now, I must refocus.  

As my friend Nita just taught me, “It’s not a do over, it’s a DO BETTER.”



I love this and simply wanted to share it on my blog…

Introvert Playground

When all I can say is repeat what’s been said

It’s hard to believe that the words in my head

Are anything worthy to write or be read

Perhaps I should focus on running, instead.

For who reads newspapers half a day old?

The company’s heart’s barely beating, I’m told

Surely my paper and life’s work will fold.

What could be better than hitting the road?

Making the stories I’d once been reporting

The future, the past, and the present distorting

What would mom say if she saw me resorting

To running and laughing and shameless cavorting?

As it turns five and of course I head home

The sky is an ominous gray monochrome.

I wonder which parent gave the chromosome

That gives me the hesitant instinct to roam.

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An Act of Kindness Made My Day!

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My friend/co-worker (Social Studies Teacher) brought me a homemade lunch yesterday.  It was smoked ribs with amazing seasoning and baked beans.  She took extra care and added garnishment.

The remainder of the day, I kept thinking about how kind she is.  Her thoughtfulness made me feel special.  It made me want to do something nice for her as repayment (not that she expects it).  More importantly, it made me want to do something nice for someone else.

Kindness is contagious!

This has prompted me to take note of and blog about noteworthy acts of kindness.  I believe my friend’s random act has sparked something within me.