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I must confess. I am addicted to sugar!  

I am not sure of what triggered me, but I fell completely off the wagon! I have had some form of chocolate candy and/or coffee EVERYDAY in the last few weeks.  Now, I recognize the cravings.

It has to stop! My health is at risk…my belly fat is increasing; I’m  lethargic, often feeling stressed and mood swings are on the rise! 

If I feel like this because of sugar, I can’t imagine how a serious drug addict feels.  

I was doing well drinking green smoothies (although I made them sweet too with Stevia), but at least my body was responding positively.

Sugar causes disease and ailments I do not want to live with nor die sooner because of.

I don’t want this!!!  My mother, aunt, and grandfather (diseased) experience(d) DIABETES.  

So, it should be simple- right?  Just STOP!  

Like any addiction – there is more to it.  Sure, I can say the stress of finishing up the school year as a teacher, the teaching internship, trip to Albuquerque, my son’s high school graduation, blah blah blah – are the reasons, but we know it’s deeper than that!

I’m not focused on anything but my health here. I was so happy about my most recent blood work results because I was no longer classified as PRE-DIABETIC. 

I lost focus – now, I must refocus.  

As my friend Nita just taught me, “It’s not a do over, it’s a DO BETTER.”


  1. Me too sis. Except mine is the sugar in carbs. My A1C is now 7 putting me in the diabetic range. I go see my doctor on Monday and until then I’ve been reading and watching my carb intake. I already work out and increased my water so we’ll see.

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