P3:   Pain - Passion - Purpose

Month: August 2016


As my mother’s only offspring, I am relieved that she decided to let go of many of her coveted possessions that became a burden to maintain as she aged.   In the past week, I have thought many times of what it… Read More

Just dreaming…?

A few nights ago I had some amazing Chinese food. I had been craving it for a while.  My fortune cookie stated, “A dream is just a dream.”  For a moment I was taken aback.  It was an odd statement for a… Read More


Yesterday was the first day of my LAST semester in the teaching internship!   When I finished work, I was so happy and eager to get started reading week one’s course materials.  By the time I got home and sat down, I… Read More


I have been overwhelmed and a bit afraid by all that is happening in our country and in the world politically.  I don’t want to engage in the conversations anymore.  It’s tough to be “right” without condemning someone else to being “wrong”…. Read More

Purposefully at Peace

Today, I realized that I have finally arrived at my destination.  For years, I have encouraged others to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and transform their lives by being intentional.  If we teach best what we need to learn – they I… Read More