Yesterday was the first day of my LAST semester in the teaching internship!  

When I finished work, I was so happy and eager to get started reading week one’s course materials.  By the time I got home and sat down, I fell asleep.  At seven minutes to midnight, I woke up feeling famished.  I ate a bowl of soup and began the much anticipated reading.  

I’ve been exhausted over the last few days.  My mother is downsizing her digs.  Finally, she is releasing years of material possessions so she can feel unburdened and peaceful.  Hallelujah!!!  Of course, yours truly (her only adult child) is responsible for facilitating the process.  She is safely tucked away in her new apartment and I have A LOT of everything to deal with.  So next Saturday in Chandler, AZ there will be an estate sale.  

My roles: wife, mother, daughter, student, teacher, sister, friend, and acquaintance of many – is about to get REAL!  How will I maintain? I’m not sure, but I always get the jobs done.  

I use to look at the lives of others whom I considered successful and admired them for it.  Now, I know what it takes to make it happen.  There is so much more to the achievement of SUCCESS than most realize.  What we see often has a tremendous story buried beneath it.  That is what I’ve come to truly admire.

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