P3:   Pain - Passion - Purpose

Month: February 2017

Next level Thriving!

It’s DAY 8…I have just as much energy today as yesterday and all the other days since I began the Thrive products.  Simply stated – I am THRIVING!!! My students in the classroom are pointing out how much energy and fun I… Read More

Thriving Day 7

I believe that “My One Word” lead me to the Le-Vel business and The Thrive Experience. Today is DAY 7 – thriving!  I’m feeling beyond fantastic. (I am not making any claims of being cured of a disease or medicated).  I simply… Read More


I have to check myself often when it comes to excuses. WHY am I making excuses? Is it fear? If so, of what? Failure or success? If failure serves to make me stronger, why would I fear it? If success gets me… Read More

My One Word

For years, I desired to make a difference in the lives of others on a grand scale.  There was always something nagging at me that I needed to achieve.  Yesterday afternoon I was on a telephone call with my brothers.  I love and… Read More


I’m back and thriving – mind, body, and spirit! My blogging was on hold for a while.  I planned to start in January, but wasn’t ready.  I finished my teaching internship; which meant I could focus solely on my students and being… Read More