I’m back and thriving – mind, body, and spirit!

My blogging was on hold for a while.  I planned to start in January, but wasn’t ready.  I finished my teaching internship; which meant I could focus solely on my students and being the best 3rd year middle school teacher I could be.

That new year’s resolution of improving my health by exercising and eating better was soon thwarted by the stress of moving to a new residence.  An excuse, of course.  The bottom line is – I have a food addiction.  It doesn’t take much to kick me off the wagon!

I start with the best of intentions and most often end up failing.  It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are; how much money you have; nor where you live – addiction makes you vulnerable.

You become the master of making excuses and you learn how to manipulate everyone around you to get what you want.  I love FOOD. I crave sugar more than anything.

A few days ago, I decided to hold myself accountable on every level – mind, body, and spirit.  I have coached countless others for many years to overcome obstacles both personally and professionally – now, I must do it for myself.


I am beginning a new lifestyle and I plan to share it with you daily.  Every step of the way, I will be transparent.  I refuse to hide behind the excess weight on my body.  I know better; therefore, I must do better!

Today, I will begin The 8 Week Experience!

I will also exercise and eat as clean as possible.  I always start out strong, but tend to fall off over time.  My focus is simply 8 weeks for now.

Stay with me, pray for me, cheer me on or call me out if needed.  I NEED a community behind me.  I can do this!

For more info on THRIVE see my website:


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