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Next level Thriving!

It’s DAY 8…I have just as much energy today as yesterday and all the other days since I began the Thrive products.  Simply stated – I am THRIVING!!!

My students in the classroom are pointing out how much energy and fun I am now (more than ever).  I have always been an upbeat teacher.  But NOW! It’s on a higher level.  I believe my energy is exceeding theirs.  In fact, they are asking me for my Derma Fusion  Technology (DFT) patches, aka wearable nutrition.  It saddens me that I can’t share it with them, but it’s again school policy.  I totally respect that policy.

Last night, I attended a local Le-Vel conference.  I met some amazing people.  Like myself, they are full of energy and believe very strongly in promoting the Le-Vel brand.  It’s not only that for me.  It’s deeper!

img 2677
“The Thrive Experience”

It’s about a vehicle that helps others to make positive life changes concerning health and wealth!

Tonight, I am thrilled to be co-hosting my first information session.  I am inviting the whole world (or as many people possible) to join this call at 7pm (PST)/ 8pm (MST)/ 9pm (CST)/ 10pm (EST).  If you are not sure which one you are – Google it or ask SIRI.

The number is 712-451-0200, 144150#  Just dial in and mute your line!  No obligation at all!

I get to share my story and how I am THRIVING.

Also, feel free to visit my website: or the Le-Vel FB Fanpage at

Remember, it is better to THRIVE than merely survive!




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