Consistency Motivation

Focus on Consistency #2 – Teacher

consistency:  [kuh n-sis-tuh n-see] steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.:  Example:  There is consistency in his [her] pattern of behavior.

I AM consistent as a teacher because: apple-256261_640

  • I adore my students
  • I show up every school day
  • I treat them with kindness and respect
  • I provide pencils when they don’t have one
  • I encourage individuals to be creative
  • I cast vision before them by exposing them to as much information as possible to help them make informed decisions about their futures
  • As much as time permits, I listen to my students intently when they share their personal stories
  • I hide my tears when I hear some of those personal stories
  • When they call me “Mom” I feel warm inside
  • When they say they wish they could come home to live with me, I dream of a way to improve their living situation
  • I pray for them to grow up and mature into happy, healthy, educated and productive adults

In summary, they can count on me at this stage in their lives and hopefully the seeds I plant will allow them to blossom in the future.  I love them all…


consistency. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved March 8, 2017 from website

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