Consistency Goal Setting Motivation

Focus on Consistency #3 – Planning

Yesterday, I bought a new planner! 

If I am striving to be more consistent, then planning is essential, right?!img_3224

Well, since I also like to have fun and be happy, I invested in a planner that speaks to me personally.

With every turn of the page, I am positively uplifted.  I could not wait to get home and set it up!

This will make my planning from day to day so much more efficient!  It has full customization with loads of fun stickers!

I’m curious – do you use a planner?

Yes, I know my iPhone has applications that can do this for me, but I am old-fashioned and tactile.  I still love to write.  I enjoy tangibles.


Do you?


I really LOVE my NEW PLANNER!!!!

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