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The Real Enemy Feeding Race In America And How To Defeat Him

The essential question is, “Who benefits most…?”

The light breaks through


Tonto and the Lone Ranger were riding through a canyon together when all of a sudden both sides were filled with Indian warriors on horses, dressed for battle. The Lone Ranger turned to Tonto and asked, “What are we going to do?” Tonto replied, “What do you mean ‘we,’ white man?”- In Search of Unity, Edward Dobson, pp. 20-27

A funny illustration but there is some scary truth contained here. The attitude of I am with you until trouble comes is destructive for race relations.  What is causing the division?

As the discussion about race relations in America continues, it is timely today to address the heart of the disconnect.  Who is the enemy we are fighting?  Is the person who has a different skin color the person you are in conflict with?  Is this issue simply needing to spend more time in conversation?  Those are all just symptoms of…

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