Consistency Motivation

Focus on Consistency #5 – Sleep

The purple arm chair is my favorite resting place.  If I’m not careful, it becomes my bed.  The problem with that is – I’m sleeping sitting up all night.  IMG_3343

I have consistently fallen asleep in a chair and managed to stay there all night for many years (not every night, but at least 2-3 times per week)!

I believe it started during my undergraduate college years.  There use to be a laptop on my lap all night as well.

Habits are tough to break unless you consistently consciously work on it. This is something I must work on.

My husband has no problem knowing when it’s time to go to bed.IMG_3344


He and my son have tried to wake me up and encourage me to go to bed.  Unfortunately, once I fall asleep in that chair – it gets too good to get up and move! I am extremely testy if you attempt to wake me.

We know that sleep is very important to your overall health and well-being.

Can you get a good night’s sleep in a sitting position?

According to the article, “Can You Get a Good Night’s Rest in Your Airplane Seat? The science of sit-sleep” –  Yes.

As long as you’re able to get comfortable and recline slightly, you’ll sleep as well sitting up as you would lying down.


Personally, I have decided to be more consistent with going to bed when I start to feel tired.

Does anybody else have this habit?  What do you think about it?  Please comment and share!





  1. I have had consistently bad sleep all my life – i know that it stems from a trauma when I was 8. I think getting a sleep tracker really helped me start to see it as not the problem it had built up in my head. I slept for 4 hours, awake for two, and then slept another 2. Perhaps not enough, but more than I thought!

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