Daily Musings #1 – Introduction

Spring Break has come and gone…

I am back in the classroom feeling like there is so much I needed to share with my blog readers about the awesome break I had!

I promised myself to be more consistent.  Also, more accountable.  With each passing day, I grow weary when I do not blog.  So this morning, as I am brushing my teeth, it occurred to me that I put too much emphasis on having the ‘right circumstances’ before I render a blog post.

Perfection should not be a goal here!  In fact, it is a hindrance!

Often I put off what I want to post and then never get around to it.  So, I have decided to blog daily to break myself of the habit of attempting “to get it right” before I even try.  I have plenty to share!

I am sure many people can identify with this pain point.  Don’t put off for tomorrow…

Welcome to the first post of Daily Musings.

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