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Daily Musings #2 – Intro to ACEs


For many people, privacy is super important.  It is their way of protecting themselves for those who would take advantage of them.  For me, I am extremely transparent.  I allow most people to know about my life experiences with the intention of somehow helping others to avoid or attract situations in their best interest.

I believe you can learn from the experience of others and save yourself the time and energy of going through it.

As a Middle School teacher, I deal with adolescents at a very critical stage in their lives.  Their bodies are changing and growing.  Their brains are impacted a great deal by what they are experiencing.  In an effort to be the most effective teacher I can be, I have to be sensitive to the whole student – not just the academics.

For many students, that means me being trauma sensitive.  Everyday is a struggle for them and it is necessary and critical for the adults in their lives to show kindness and genuine consideration for what these young people are going through on their journey to adulthood.  The students with the most difficult behaviors often need the most care and concern.  Their behavior is a form of communication.

I remember being at their ages.  Especially how I felt at times about the adults in my life. While some of those memories were positive, many were painful.  The empathy I have for my students is rooted in my past pain.  It has led me on a quest to figure out how best to serve them as a positive role model.  Perhaps subconsciously help the young girl I once was.

This post is the first of many to come about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).  There are many articles and books on this topic that contain detailed research based clinical definitions.  The article, ACEs Science 101 is a good source which will provide links to completely broaden your knowledge of the topic.

Each day, I will share a bit more about the topic of ACEs.  It has everything to do with my P3 Journey™ and WHY I am choosing to inspire others to #thrive.



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