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Focus on Consistency #7 – My Health

A quick health accountability check!

I’m still THRIVING! I’ve been consistent!

It’s been 42 days (6 weeks) on the Thrive Experience.  It’s my key to optimum health – I feel incredible!

  • More energy by day than I have had in years; and the best sleep at night.  I actually can’t remember feeling as good physically as  I do now.
  • My mental clarity is definitely on point.  I am not getting confused or overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate.  Lesson planning for my students, promoting the Thrive Experience, growing my life coaching practice, and managing my household as a wife and mother.
  • Finally, the health issues I have had in the past seem to be going away.  I am not making any medical claims; just sharing my truth.  The inflammation and swelling that I have experienced for over 20 years- the same that doctors and medicine could not resolve, is no longer a problem for me.  The arthritis in my fingers is also gone!

I don’t know how it’s working or which ingredient is doing it; but I know how great I feel from the time I wake up until I go to bed!

The total Thrive Experience is 8 weeks… no doubt I will feel even better and be more productive two weeks from now.

For more information about Thrive and other Le-Vel products, go to the Le-Vel Facebook Fanpage at and see that I am one of thousands who have realized the benefits of these clean nutritionals.

Reply in the comments with your email address if you would like a NO OBLIGATION closer look at the products.

Peace and blessings!

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