A Real Thrive Experience…

There was a time when I would have quickly dismissed the words shared in this video. 

For one reason, I had tried so many things in my life that did not work. I spent money and had no results.  I naturally became a cynic because of so many failures at finding the “right thing” for my body, mind, and spirit.

What changed?

I can’t explain it.  It was a gut feeling this time that wouldn’t allow me to move past it.  Perhaps I was attracted the notion of #thriving.  Nonetheless, I am so glad that I was drawn to the Le-Vel Brands and decided to try The Thrive Experience.

I’ve been living and promoting the #thrivelife for 11 weeks now:

  • My energy level is at my lifetime highest as an adult.
  • I’m so focused that I am finally igniting my entrepreneurial fires and projects are underway that I only dreamed about in the past.  You’ll see…
  • Finally, all of my random physical aches and discomforts are GONE!
  • To sum it up – my MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT have been elevated.

Who wouldn’t want any of this to happen in their life?

Honestly, if I could, I would give it to everyone I come in contact with so they could have the same life changing experience I am having, but that is unrealistic.

I can; however, share my story and the story of others all day every day until you reach out to me and say, “What do I need to do to give this stuff a try?”

If you would like more information:

Watermelon Activate for first-time customers!

The THRIVE Experience is an 8 week premium lifestyle plan, to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. You’re going to live, look, and feel Ultra Premium like never before! 

Results from the THRIVE Experience are high impact, and can slightly differ for everyone – depending on which areas of your lifestyle need the most help – and depending on your 8 week goal. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in the best shape of your life, or simply be the best you can be, we know the THRIVE 8 Week Experience will get you THRIVIN’ in all areas of your life! 

Individuals on the Experience will enjoy premium support and benefits in the areas of:
> Weight Management

> Cognitive Performance

> Digestive & Immune Support

> Joint Support

> Lean Muscle Support

> Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support

Take advantage of this! 

Go to Davinalyons.le-vel.com to enroll in a no obligation customer account!

How facing ACEs makes us happier, healthier and more hopeful

I relate to feeling relief when I discovered ACEs! It’s nice to know I’m not alone with this perspective.

ACEs Too High


Won’t it depress people?

Isn’t it triggering?

Aren’t the topics troubling?

Won’t it make people sad or upset?

Fear is what I often fight when talking about ACEs — adverse childhood experiences. It’s not my fear though. It’s the fear others have about all things ACEs. Adversity. Abuse. Addiction. Abandonment. Neglect. Dsyfunction.

I don’t think this fear actually belongs to those of us who have lived with ACEs, who have lived through ACEs, who live with the aftermath of ACEs as adults.

When I found out about ACEs I was overwhelmed with joy. I felt radical relief. What I experienced was a profound sense of validation. It was epic.

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ACEs – The Bright Side


So, I have taken the ACE Survey and assessed the answers to my 10 questions – now what?

The survey was the first step toward healing in my P3 Journey, because it helped me identify the experiences that took me off course at a critical stage in my life (adolescence).  After completing the survey, I realized that much of what happened to me was at a very early age (with the exception of the molestation).  I also realized that there were many incidences that I no longer recall the specific details.  Yet, at times, I am triggered and act out accordingly.

The Bright Side – RESILIENCE

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, resilience is defined as: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.  Like ACEs, there is a survey (questionnaire) based on resilience research developed by a group of researchers, therapists, pediatricians, and physicians.


Please circle the most accurate answer under each statement:

1.  I believe that my mother loved me when I was little.

Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True

2.  I believe that my father loved me when I was little.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
3.  When I was little, other people helped my mother and father take care of me and they seemed to love me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
4.   I’ve heard that when I was an infant someone in my family enjoyed playing with me, and I enjoyed it, too.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
5.  When I was a child, there were relatives in my family who made me feel better if I was sad or worried.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
6.   When I was a child, neighbors or my friends’ parents seemed to like me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
7.  When I was a child, teachers, coaches, youth leaders or ministers were there to help me.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
8.  Someone in my family cared about how I was doing in school.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
9.  My family, neighbors and friends talked often about making our lives better.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
10.  We had rules in our house and were expected to keep them.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
11. When I felt really bad, I could almost always find someone I trusted to talk to.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
12.  As a youth, people noticed that I was capable and could get things done.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
13.  I was independent and a go-getter.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True
14.  I believed that life is what you make it.
Definitely true         Probably true         Not sure         Probably Not True        Definitely Not True


How many of these 14 protective factors did I have as a child and youth? (How many of the 14 were circled “Definitely True” or “Probably True”?)   _______
Of these circled, how many are still true for me? _______


My Score

A real aha moment for me is when I completed this survey.  My score is 0.  It makes sense!  I have always been successful with recovering in times of difficult situations and circumstances.  I am excellent at adapting to change.  In fact, I embrace it.  In my corporate career, I was known as a “change agent”.

That is the bright side of my story.  It is also what has made my life journey so interesting.  More about this later…meanwhile…be sure to complete the resilience questionnaire and reflect on your score.  This is a huge part of your journey towards healing mind, body, and spirit.



Thrive Info Session 

I’m still Thriving! 

This evening I will be hosting an informal brief call to share my progress.  You are invited!

My friend Sara McFarlane will be on the call.  She has been THRIVING for 22 months! She knows a lot more than I do!  I just know that I have a ton more energy, can focus now, and no longer have random pains and discomfort.  It’s that simple!!

Gratitude – Louise Hay

Gratitude is my attitude!

Flying Through Water


Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to change your life and the life of those around you. Beginning your day with gratitude is the perfect way to enter into your day with a positive light, energy and attitude. It’s as simple as thinking about the things in your life that you are grateful for while cooking your breakfast or brushing your teeth. Get lost in the shower for a few life changing minutes.

Steve Harvey talks about spending 10 minutes each day listing things in he is grateful for…just in his head. Some people write them down and that rocks, but you don’t even have to do that. Just thinking about all that you have to grateful for will kick-start your day.

Ending the day with gratitude is a beautiful way to find appreciation for all that you’ve done or seen that day. My night time gratitude list is…

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Go Big or Go Home

I love this! “Chase the Lion! Go BIG or go home!


There will never be a “perfect” time but there will always be a right time to dare greatly and go after the dream in your heart. That time is now. Live a life of 100x and believe in something so grand that it will take God’s hand of favor and intervention to make it happen. There is nothing too big for God. In fact, he will surpass our wildest and biggest imaginations. I believe God is pleased with our God-sized dreams. My dad used to say to me “go big or go home!” Friends…I’m telling you the same. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

From Mark Batterson’s “Chase the Lion”

“The Lion Chaser’s Manifesto”

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Run to the roar.

Set God-sized goals.

Pursue God-ordained passions.

Go after a dream that’s destined to fail unless God intervenes.

Start pointing…

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What you see is…?

“It is only when I take a deep breathe and step back that I remind myself to be more aware of what others might be going through.”

I love this post from the Dream Big, Dream Often blog and had to share it!

We’ve all heard the expression ‘What you see is what you get.’ Well, this is not always true. One of the most aggravating things about having MS is hearing people say “you don’t look sick.” As if there is some particular way those living with MS should appear. I guess I missed the memo. What […]

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ACEs – Prison

ACEs Question #10

Did a household member go to prison?

The final question in the ACEs Survey does not cover all the potential adverse childhood experiences.  However, this one is very significant.

More than 2.7 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent. That is 1 in 28 children.2
 Approximately 10 million children have experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives.3
 One in 9 African American children (11.4%), 1 in 28 Hispanic children (3.5%), and 1 in 57 white children (1.8%) in the United States have an incarcerated parent.4
 Approximately half of children with incarcerated parents are under ten years old.
According to a recent Rutgers University study, Parental incarceration is now recognized as an “adverse childhood experience” (ACE); it is distinguished from other adverse childhood experiences by the unique combination of trauma, shame, and stigma.

Reference: https://nrccfi.camden.rutgers.edu/files/nrccfi-fact-sheet-2014.pdf

Many of my students have a parent in prison.  Some have both parents incarcerated and they are being raised by other family members or legal guardians.

As a child, I did not experience having an incarcerated parent.  My answer to question #10 is NO.