ACEs Consistency Motivation Resilience

Focus on Consistency #8 – Positive vs. Negative

Lately, many of my posts have been about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

These posts have not exactly been a joy to read.  Actually someone commented one post was “tough to like”.  I totally understood where that person was coming from.  I do not enjoy reading posts that are sad or reminiscent of painful experiences either.  However, I am aware of the importance of some people exposing those feelings with the intention of healing.  Even my blog site title can be interpreted as a bit negative if you analyze or perceive it in that manner.

Pain, passion, purpose is an evolving process that I believe we go through.  Because I see the potential in the end result – PURPOSE – it is positive to me.

At first glance, dealing with childhood trauma definitely doesn’t rate high on the positive side.  Actually the outcomes are what I focus on:

  • What are the lessons learned?
  • What good decisions can I make now?
  • How will my health improve from resolving past hurts?
  • Who will I have a better understanding of?
  • Who can I support?
  • Is my passion clearer now?

This is all POSITIVE!  What do you think?

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