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One Word: THRIVE

Everywhere I go, it seems I am reminded of the word THRIVE.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, aside from earning you 12 points on a Scrabble™ board, that word means to grow or develop well or vigorously.  The word is also synonymous with: flourish, prosper, boom, blossom, advance, burgeon, and succeed.

When I focus on what I want for others – that word is perfect.

What is better than thriving?

Who doesn’t want to thrive?

Whether I am in the classroom teaching or training/consulting/coaching adults, seeing others thrive is highest on my list of priorities.  Since it is impossible to recognize the positive without awareness of the negative, let’s consider the antonyms: decline and wither.

Are you flourishing or withering?

It all boils down to that question.  If you are flourishing, then your life will bear fruit that makes it evident.  The same can be said about withering.  Your results are tied to the one you feed the most. How you live your life and what you allow to take place in your life is a major factor as to whether or not you flourish or wither.

When I realized that every choice I made daily either lent itself to a positive or a negative outcome, I began to conduct myself in a more intentional manner.  I became more careful and selective.  I gained the strength I needed to overcome situations; and learned how to navigate through tough times.  As time passed I became much more resilient.

Do your daily actions contribute more to flourishing or withering?

Living your life requires a system to balance and prioritize:



home environment

work environment

fun and leisure time

personal growth

friends & family


and your significant other

What would it take to thrive in most or all of these areas of your life?
If you are unsure of how to answer, I would like to assist you. WE can team up to focus on your goals and accomplish more than you would on your own.

I can help  you take more action, think bigger, and get more done by providing  accountability.  I know from experience how to help you earn more money, make better decisions, set the best goals, and restructure your life so that you are thriving beyond anything ever imagined.

For a complimentary 45-minute P3 THRIVE Session, complete this form:

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