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Love God?

Hold on…please read:

There may be some who skip this post because the title doesn’t line up with their belief system – or lack of one.  It’s risky for me to even bring this subject up in a blog post because we all know that “religion and politics” are taboo subjects when you want to keep the peace while communicating.

God (when defined as a religious term) is a touchy subject for many legitimate reasons. I am aware of how people feel. Some people have damaged emotions as a result of the practice of religion.

Currently, it’s a really touchy subject when you consider how it’s being used to influence politics in this country.

I have personally dealt with this aspect of my truth as well. In order to move forward on the continuum of life, I had to redefine God within the terms I could relate. This meant prayer, meditation (to hear God) and eliminating man-made dogma.  I became much more open to receiving pure love and light.

For me, God is the Spirit within me and everything around me. I see goodness (God) in everything.

Sound unrealistic?

Well, my mindset is to search for God as an expression of love in all situations whenever possible. Truthfully, it’s not always my first reaction, but I most often circle back to it. This is how I overcome and persevere.  Even in situations, I feel I’ve been wronged.  This is a part of My TRUTH!

Your TRUTH is sacred to you…I pass no judgment; I do not have that right.  I do have the right to LOVE you right where you are.

God does the transforming – I simply am an instrument if granted the opportunity to be a part of your journey.  I share this because it’s a starting point in the journey to purpose. Your spiritual system will largely determine how you WALK out this journey. It can not be ignored.

Loving God is loving myself and all of the creation to the best of my ability. It’s essential to Step 1 – HEALING.

To be continued…


Image: Scripture Romans 8:28

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