My Truth


I always desire to do and be better.

I am reminded of so many past situations.  There were times when I was yearning to be understood – yet couldn’t find the right words.  Times when I made decisions to benefit someone else only to come up short myself as a result.  Moments I just could not get right.  My mind, body, and spirit were out of alignment.

My Heart

My relationship with family, friends, bosses, co-workers, employees and my spouse were all influenced by the desire to please. No one really knew what I felt deeply because I couldn’t properly articulate it.  My heartfelt way of being (My TRUTH) was difficult to translate.

God Knows

So I remained unhappy…I realize now that I was incapable of defining MY TRUTH because it wasn’t the right time yet.  I also realize that it was perfectly fine because God had me covered.  My heart’s desires were not lost, just delayed while I was being prepared for something greater.


Image: Scripture Psalm 139:23


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