Step 3 – Do I REALLY want to be HEALED?

Victim status…

I am reminded of myself as a younger woman still reeling from some of my negative adolescent experiences – wanting someone to care.  Whenever I would get frustrated or make a mistake, I would offer up my pain as an excuse.  My victim status continued for many years.

I realize now that my hurt and pain of the past was also my crutch.  That thing I would lean on when situations or circumstances got out of my control.  By the way, when this occurs, you are NOT taking responsibility for your actions.  You are just playing the role of victim.

What happens when you lean on something and it is removed?

If I am healed from my trauma – the effects of it will begin to go away.  No more excuses!

The bigger question:  Did I really want to heal my life, or did I want something to lean upon and to talk about when convenient?  Ouch!   Once I processed this, I became much more intentional about how I shared my story.  There’s  no problem with sharing your story; the problem is when you share it for the wrong reasons.

If your story isn’t used to help someone else avoid pitfalls, then why would you share it?  Who does it benefit?  Unless there is a need you are feeding.  If that is the case, then you would stay stuck in a rut and not desire to do the work required to receive healing from brokenness in your life?

On the journey to PURPOSE, you must be intentional about how you process and share the pain of your past, or you will be stuck on the side of the road going nowhere!

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