Motivation Spirit

Step 6 – Asking God for Revelation

Now what?

After you have faced the problem, accepted responsibility, determined you really want healing in the situation, forgiven the offender and yourself  – now what?

The final step to this process is seeking Divine wisdom.  This seals the deal for me. Simply stated, I pray about it.  Then I listen for a response.  The essential question is: How do I move forward?

In the situation with my mother, I took the first step, she took the next step.  We communicated and all seems to be well.  For me, I needed to know how to proceed and not get hurt again (by her words or deeds).  If I have sincerely forgiven her and myself – the slate is wiped clean.  This means there is no negative emotion behind anything related to her.

I prayed about my next steps with my mother yesterday after our long conversation.  The answer I received in my Spirit was –  LOVE HER!

So, I know how important it is to communicate with her daily.  She is lonely and loves to share her views about the news, politics, the past, etc.  I call her on the way to work early in the morning and she is ready to talk.

There are two ways to look at this:  I could be nice to her while anticipating there will be another offense; or, I could show her I genuinely care by staying in constant contact to help cure her loneliness.  This means not taking what she says or does personally – but considering who she is and what she has been through to get her to this point in life.  The first way shows a lack of faith and the second way says I am intentional about both mine and my mother’s happiness.

I choose the latter…





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