Motivation Spirit


When children are little and they get a scrape or bruise while playing, they will often come to mommy or daddy for help to make it better.


“…kiss the boo-boo and make it better, please.”

Somehow, that simple act from a loving parent actually made it better.  I’m sure it was the love shown that started the healing process first in the heart which translated to the mind and the physical complied.

Well, as adults, how do we get our boo-boos kissed?

I ask God in prayer, receive it in my heart and instantly my mind is in a better state…healing starts to occur.

No, it isn’t always that simple.  Some people have it much more difficult.  Sometimes the hurt is so deep and complicated – not a simple boo-boo at all!

What if the hurt is woven with a traumatic childhood experience, poor environment, detached parents, poor teachers, disingenuous relationships and so on?  It takes time and space on the continuum of life to heal.

It takes ACTION on your part (more than just asking God in prayer).  It’s a process.

To be continued…


Image: Courtesy of Pixabay (taoheed_kasumu)


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