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The Lyons Den

On Monday, I will begin my 4th year of teaching Middle School English Language Arts at Sacaton Middle School in Sacaton Arizona in the Gila River Indian Community.  My classroom is known as The Lyons Den.  For many students, I am known as Mama Lyons.  I am honored to have this title.

Time passes unbelievably fast when you are a teacher.  I think it is because everything you do is time bound.  Nonetheless, I’m overjoyed to begin yet another year.  No matter what I do, there is nothing in comparison to the love I have for teaching.  Helping my students to learn and encouraging a growth mindset is my ultimate in satisfaction.

Yes, while it is also my purpose to educate and help transform the lives of adults (especially women), personally there is no greater reward than the privilege of sowing positively into young minds and helping to shape their futures.

As Mama Lyons, I have immense PRIDE in my students.

I have seen some amazing transformations from 7th-grade students blossoming into more mature and capable 8th-grade students.  All of the credit goes to them – I simply do my part by providing a safe academic place to flourish in a few minutes a day Monday through Friday.

I am not the only one – my colleagues do the same.  I teach alongside some dedicated and caring educators that are just as passionate as I am about giving and getting the BEST for our STUDENTS!

We all agree – 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!

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