My steps are ordered…

I have learned to TRUST my Guide in life.

I no longer worry or have fear about situations or circumstances out of my control.  I know that no matter what happens, my steps are ordered in the right direction as long as I do not fall prey to insignificant distractions.

I am on a mission to make a difference in this world.  I am not sure why that matters so much to me; yet, it does.  I am driven to get up and be counted as someone who helped others to live a more productive and fruitful life.

There are times when I try to sit still and be quiet – it doesn’t last long.

I was created for a PURPOSE and nothing or no one will stop that PROCESS.

Each day, I am given clues…it’s like my path is lit as I travel.  I do not completely see what are miles ahead, but definitely, I keep it moving!

I AM grateful.

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