Use Your VOICE


Today, we celebrate the birth and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He made a significant difference, by taking significant action – to the point of sacrificing his life.  The level of intensity in taking action is directly related to the level of effect on the situation at hand.  So, if one truly desires to ‘make a significant difference’, they must take significant action.

Dr. King’s actions ignited multitudes of people who showed up to hear his voice.  They also showed up for themselves, families, and communities.  If you are wondering how to make a difference or where to begin – it’s with YOU and strengthening your VOICE.

To fully be present in making a difference in your life and that of others, you must do the work to determine what you are most passionate about and how you were shaped to serve (purpose).

Dr. King was an orator.  His ability to speak and activate others was his greatest gift.  A gift that is still operating years after he has passed on.  That is powerful!

To identify your gift(s) and how you could strengthen your VOICE to make a difference, answer these questions:
 V – Values

If there were just three rules in this world that everyone would have to follow what would they be?

O – Opportunity

What excites and inspires you?

I – Intuition

Which action is calling you in life?

C – Charity

Where could you be more forgiving and understanding of others?

E – Engagement

From where you are now, what would be a first step that you could feel good about?


Interested in exploring this further? 

Alright! Let’s go!  I can assist you in finding and strengthening your voice.   I overcame adverse childhood experiences, failed relationships, multiple mid-term pregnancy miscarriages, and years of self-doubt to now walk purposefully as an educator, speaker and coach inspiring multitudes of Women and Girls to #UseYourVoice!

I intuitively know that 2018 is the year to make a difference.  It is time for a positive transformation!  No matter your past hurts, habits, or hangups – today is a new beginning because you made the decision to find and strengthen your voice!




According to, a difference is defined as a significant change in or effect on a situation.  
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