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Day 2 – Detox and Hunger

I am HUNGRY!  Yes, it is only DAY 2.  I get that…yet there is something in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to run in the Golden Corral Buffet and eat everything in sight.  Is it really a physiological hunger or a mental hunger?  Is my body responding to the lack of caffeine and carbs that it craves?   Is it an authentic hunger or my body throwing a tantrum because I am breaking the patterns it has become accustomed to?  I would say it is a bit of both.

Last night before bed, I was so hungry I had to literally talk myself down off of a virtual ledge.  I wanted to go in that kitchen and eat some meat!  Perhaps it was the roast in the crock pot that everyone else in the house gets to eat.  I smelled it all night long in my sleep.   For breakfast this morning, I had a plant-based smoothie and more vegetable soup for lunch.

For dinner – a different batch of vegetable soup. I really need to follow the sample menus provided. Tonight, I’m not as hungry. I enjoyed dinner and participated in an online mastermind Course (week 2). I successfully made it through the day in the classroom and a busy evening. I’m grateful to stay the course.

My authentic voice keeps me committed.  I know the repercussions of giving up – even for a moment’s satisfaction.  Some experts will say, “Go ahead and satisfy your cravings; but be sure to get back on course.”  Well, that DOES NOT work for me.  Instead, I go bananas and can’t get back on course.

My authentic V.O.I.C.E. reminds me:
  • to value my life more by taking care of my physical self.
  • that this is the golden opportunity I have been waiting for.  To do this in a community like Move with Mackhas created is a blessing!
  • that my intuition is that inner spirit telling me in my moments of weakness that I was created purposefully, and I have too much to do and share than to succumb to poor health.
  • the importance of charity – sharing my experiences with others in hopes they will be inspired to walk this same journey towards improved health and wellness.  It is not just about me.  If it were, there would be no need to share the experience.
  • I am totally engaged in my thoughts and every action I take throughout the day.  I AM present in the NOW.  This self-accountability piece is extremely important.  If you are fully engaged, you will not need any crutches

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Each day is a new opportunity to strengthen my VOICE.  If you need assistance with this notion and would like to strengthen your VOICE, let me know by clicking this link to the contact form.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your VOICE!

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