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Day 3 – Detox and Energy

There is tremendous value in eliminating the things we know are not good for us. 

My eyes opened instantly this morning at 5:00am.  Yes, the alarm on my iPhone prompted it; but today was different.  Today, I awoke with an unfamiliar burst of energy that has lasted me all day!

Oh! By the way, I am NOT hungry anymore.  That feeling I mentioned yesterday in the pit of my stomach is gone.  I feel like I have a normal appetite.  For breakfast, I had pears and apples cut and soaked in Bragg’s vinegar with a touch of ginger and honey.  DELICIOUS!!!  My lunch was my homemade vegetable soup – still not tired of it.  It has a wonderful flavor!  I also had more fruit on hand in case I got hungry throughout the day.  I didn’t even eat it all.  I will finish it tomorrow at work.

For dinner, I had a Roasted Butternut Squash & Quinoa Salad…there are no words to express how much I appreciated it.  I kept thinking while eating my salad how healthy I am going to be because I have absolutely no problem with eating this way for the rest of my life.

Today my V.O.I.C.E. spoke loud and clear!
  • There is tremendous value in eliminating the things we know are not good for us.  I realize that flour and sugar products cause a great deal of inflammation in my body.
  • I am so grateful to seize the opportunity to heal my body from the inside out by eating and enjoying proper nutrition.
  • My intuition tells me that I am in it to WIN IT this time around.  I have a growth mindset and feel empowered to own my body completely.  That means self-nurture and abstinence from toxins!
  • Every step I take in this process lends itself to charity.  My students are watching and rooting for me along this journey.  As a teacher, I have tremendous influence in their lives.  What I say and do matters.  Modeling courage and perseverance is so important to me.  I want to give them HOPE.
  • I am so engaged in this process that I can think of nothing else.  In fact, it is invigorating!  I look forward to waking up energized and full of life every day for the rest of my life!

Today, I am grateful for my authentic voice!  Whatever your passion is or thing you need to resolve or transform – make a decision, and do it!  Yes, it is a process and it isn’t a quick one; but it will certainly improve the quality of your life to live authentically.  I use my authentic VOICE daily (moment by moment) to stay on the right side of the aisle in life.  I would be delighted to support you in finding and strengthening your authentic VOICE!

Special Thanks to Move with Mack for inspiring me to make the decision to take the first step!

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