Day 4 – Detox and Mindset

I awoke today – the same as yesterday – feeling energetic and successful in the process of detoxing my body.  If there is one struggle I have, it is remembering to drink all of the water (advised by Move with Mack – half my body weight in ounces).  I am really working on that.

I love the fact that my brain is far less foggy day-over-day.  I have no sense of being overwhelmed and my mindset is extremely positive and optimistic.  I even find myself decluttering my environment both at work and at home.

I realize that my mind is affixed to the vision I set in the beginning of January on my vision board, which I look at daily when I am at home and every time I log into my facebook page (it’s the header).

img 3401
Vision Board Excerpt Jan. 2018

It says:

  • Pretty Amazing
  • Healthy You
  • Love
  • Body
  • Work
  • Make Every Day Count
  • Rock Your Body

My mind is set to transform my body in fulfillment of this vision – it’s simple! I must see myself as pretty amazing so that no negativity creeps in and throws me for a loop.  I have to work hard physically and mentally to love my body at each stage going forward by making every day count.

My VOICE says:

  • Value every moment of this experience as I positively transform my body.
  • Take the opportunity to educate me more about nutrition and fitness.
  • Continue to trust my intuition when it comes to health and wellness.  Instinctively knowing not to consume foods and beverages that are not good for my overall health (even if they are my favorites).
  • Continue to educate others by sharing my experiences.  A mindset of carefree consciousness and charity keeps me in a happy place.  I believe a healthy mind accompanies a healthy body.
  • Engage in exercising by starting to move my body each day!  This will get the results I envision for my future self.

Yes, I have attempted weight loss many times, realizing now that all those attempts failed because I was completely out of alignment with the wrong focus.  I lacked authenticity when it came to myself.  I made excuses and gave up on myself because it was easier than putting in the work to find and utilize my authentic VOICE.  Today, my mind is set upon going to the next level in terms of my health and wellness. If finding and utilizing your authentic VOICE is something you would like me to assist you with – let me know.

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  1. kirsten857 says:

    Yes! When you trust and follow the process it all makes sense and brings a sense of extreme clarity. Thank you for being a part of the Move With Mack 10 Day Mind & Body Detox!

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