Day 6 – Detox and Quinoa

I have a new favorite food!  Quinoa is my thing now.  I can not believe that it took 53 years to discover this super-food!

img 3423
My favorite breakfast!

For years, I told myself that I could not live without rice.  It took me many years to finally embrace brown rice.  Now, I am instantly in love with Quinoa.  I am eating it for breakfast and on my dinner salads.  I can honestly feel the healthy benefit of adding it to my clean diet.

I wonder what else is out there for me?

My VOICE says:
  • Value the foods that improve my metabolism, blood sugar levels, and overall health.
  • Take the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the foods I eat.
  • Have an intuitive mindset when it comes to planning meals – eat only that which energizes and heals my body.
  • Have a charity mindset to share information about health and wellness in hopes of encouraging others.
  • Continue to Engage in reading and expanding my knowledge about health and wellness.

I have learned to listen to my authentic voice.  If finding and utilizing your authentic voice is something you would like me to assist you with – let me know.

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