Day 9 – Detox and Peace

I awoke this morning in a strange mood.  My detox is going great! No complaints there. I wasn’t sad, but I wasn’t happy either.  Whatever is concerning me, is deeply rooted at the core of my being.

I realize as each moment passed while preparing to go to work, I was feeling angst about little things.  Typically, this is where I say, “I am in a bad mood.”  I know that those words will literally manifest “bad stuff” if I declare it to be so.  It’s true! The subconscious will grab it and run with it!

Today, I decided to counteract this feeling and declare PEACE!  So I consciously decided to be peaceful – with my family, friends, students, colleagues, my environment and all else I encounter.  This means:

P – Patience – I AM patient. Above all – my students deserve my patience. They are certainly skilled at trying my patience. Nonetheless, they need me to be at my best.

E – Exhale – In brief moments of exasperation I give myself permission to simply breathe and exhale.

A – Adjust – Straighten up that crown! I know my feelings are short-term. So, I’m prepared to quickly recalibrate as needed. I AM Resilient.

C – Care – I think about not only myself but others as well. How can I minister to someone else’s spirit? Helping others always makes me feel better!

E – Enjoy – I AM intentional about being happy and fulfilled.  So I will enjoy the process of turning something seemingly bad into good.

I know the outcome of my day has a lot to do with the choices I make throughout the day; therefore, I choose to walk in peace.

I am wishing you peace and blessings always,


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