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Life after 10 Day Mind & Body Detox


Knowledge and understanding
Understanding is good
And when I wake up in the morning
All I hear in my hood is people saying that they’re
Beautiful, loved, blessed…


There are not enough positive words I can say about the way I feel now.  For once, I started something that I am confident I can maintain.  I decided to permanently forego dairy, flour/processed products, and refined sugar.  It has made a tremendous difference in how I feel thus far.


I have begun to exercise daily.  My energy level has increased to the point that I am able to be much more productive.  My moods don’t swing.  I have a heightened sense of awareness through all of my senses; especially taste and smell.  I use my inner VOICE to stay on track by reminding myself of where I want to be in life: mind, body, and spirit.

More to come…

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