Powered Up and SOARING!

Today, I realized something, which prompted me to blog:

  • A year ago, March 18, 2017, I attended SOAR Business Empowerment ConferenceHosted by Tamika Williams, CEO of Wealthy Concepts (pictured in the red dress).  I had to talk myself into going.  It was the first event like this I had attended in a few years.  It was the right timing and very inspiring!
  • On July 1, 2017, Tamika introduced me to Felicia R. Davis by arranging for me to volunteer at her Women Powered Up event.
  • While at Felicia’s event, a Facebook memory surfaced on my phone reminding me of an event I previously hosted – Pain, Passion, and Purpose.
    img 3052
    Pain, Passion, and Purpose – My Story
  • My event was on that same day but 3 years prior.  There were 60 people in attendance.  There was one more after that,  with waning attendance.  After that, I had a situation that allowed me to make up an excuse to give up on my dream. The truth is – I did not believe in myself enough to see it through at that time.  I felt like I was an imposter who wasn’t qualified to lead anyone to transformation – in fact, I was still transforming myself.
  • I shared this epiphany with three people that day a year ago: Tamika Williams, Billionaire PA (Founder & CEO of Wealthy Minds Inc.) and the host Felicia Davis.  I imagine they had no real idea of what was happening to me at that moment or the true significance of it.

At Felicia’s conference, as Billionaire PA  was leaving, his parting words to me were, Speak it into Existence!”  I believe at that point, I actually listened to him.  He wasn’t the only one wanting to get Oprah’s attention!

At that point, I started declaring who I was – Educator, Speaker, Coach.  Over time, those labels took on deeper more resolute meanings.  I had been functioning in those roles for years, yet I wasn’t showing up like it – lacking confidence and clarity was my biggest issue.  It all began to change that night…

img 5716
I am grateful for the many revelations this past year has brought me.  I no longer fear being an imposter!

Today, I am the founder and CEO of Davina Lyons Enterprises. 

On March 18, 2018, I launched TRIBE Authentic Woman.  Exactly one-year after and on the exact same day as the day I attended Tamika’s event.  It wasn’t planned that way.  It was simply meant to be as a divine message for me to rock on!

Over the course of the last year, I have:

  • become a member of various mastermind groups
  • improved my health by eating clean and eliminating harmful toxins in my body that caused poor physical health
  • enhanced my image to reflect a happier and healthier external ME.
  • and finally, executed my purpose to educate, inspire, and motivate women and teen girls to transform their lives by finding, using, and elevating their Authentic VOICE!  

Every 3rd Sunday of the month,  the TRIBE Authentic Woman group hosts a workshop that affords women a safe place to personally grow and develop into their divinely created purposeful self – just as I have done.

If you would like to attend the workshop in Mesa, AZ.  You may register via Eventbrite or @TribeAuthenticWoman on Facebook.  For women who aren’t in the area – I am working on producing a webinar that has the same quality and is just as engaging and actionable as the in-person workshop.  Stay tuned…!

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