My Truth 365_31 – The False Front

The false front I maintained for many years was to be what others wanted – neglecting what I wanted or needed to fulfill my divine birthright.

My Truth 365_30 – Winning

Rocky’s theme song was the first thing I heard in my mind as I awoke this morning. It’s safe to say that I woke up winning! Yesterday was a very productive day, yet one of the most difficult as a classroom teacher. I went to bed pleased with how much I had accomplished but frustrated…

My Truth 365_29 – The TRIBE

A few TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop members. The TRIBE represents the fulfillment of my dream of helping women! Over the years, I have stopped and started building upon my dream of helping others. There were times when my life was in turmoil, but I never lost sight of there is something more I should be…

False Expectations…

There are two popular acronyms for FEAR. One is – False Expectations Appearing Real. The other is Face Everything and RISE! Which one resonates with you more, and why?

My Truth 365_27 – Action

… get up and take ACTION! Change your situation, make decisions, let go of people if necessary. Do what it takes to move on the continuum of life.

Authenticity Test

It’s time to see just how authentic you are! Take this brief test. Have fun with it!