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My Truth 365_1 – Time to Reboot!

I have anxiously awaited this day. There is something about starting at one again that excites me every year. As I look back to 2018, a great deal was accomplished and gremlins were slain. This year, I am turning up my accountability furnace. Yes, it’s about to get hot and you will be hearing from me a great deal more. I have 365 days to tell my truth and allow you to witness tremendous life transformation.

If I am encouraging you to live your BEST LIFE EVER! Then, as an effective educator, I must model that for you. I’m ready to share my vision, mission, values, goals, and experiences in hopes that YOU will be inspired to find, use, and elevate your authentic voice and live your best life ever for real!

Ready? Let’s go!


  1. I’m anxious to watch, learn and see what unfolds for 2019 within your inviting, contagious ,positive energy. We all need energy around us , no matter who we are and our individual life journeys. We will have off days where we need to be able to genuinely admit it and rely upon one another to listen and lift each other up!! We all have an amazingness inside of us, I’m anxious to watch yours unfold to even deeper levels in 2019! You go girl and on an off day seek someone who will listen and encouragingly redirect!! I’ll be cheering for you ❤️

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  2. I’m looking forward to my authenticity. My Brave. My great! My finding, focusing on and loving myself again. I’ve been processing it for a minute but a new year seems a great time to launch. I’m looking forward to connecting with strong women to hitch my star to their wagons.

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