My Truth 365_3.1 – Freedom

My friend and fellow entrepreneur Tisha Marie Pelletier and I

Prior to meeting a friend today that I hadn’t seen in a while, I struggled a bit with the notion of ‘getting ready.’ It’s been a cozy, and productive day. I would have been fine staying home but I definitely wanted to catch up with her.

  • Do I have to wear makeup?
  • Contact lenses or glasses?
  • Dress shoes or tennis shoes?
  • Do I follow my feelings or what I believe someone will judge?

Random Note: The bald eagle is a symbol of freedom in America because it is free to soar through the skies. It is also known for its strength and courage – I admire that.

One of my core personal values is freedom.

Feeling as if I am ‘required’ to do anything seems to conflict with my core personal value of freedom. So, I take a deep breath and have a real-time inner dialogue about what makes me feel comfortable and attractive enough to suit my standards – not from anyone else’s perspective but mine.

It’s liberating!

I wore minimal makeup, glasses, and dress shoes.

If you are challenged internally about whether or not to do something, take the time to have an internal dialogue about how the situation aligns with your values. You may be surprised by the outcome.

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