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My Truth 365_3 – Make a Decision!

One of my greatest struggles in life has been my inability to make a decision at times.

Yesterday, I addressed the notion of self-awareness and the need for identifying your personal core values. Today, it occurred to me that before any action is taken, you must make a decision. Do you really want to change your present circumstances? Are you willing to put in the work to be a better person and live your BEST life?

In my transparency, I must admit that it took me many years to make the decision to walk in my purpose. I continuously opted for the safest route. I stayed far too long under the corporate umbrella afraid to venture out and get wet ( I love figurative language).

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Tony Robbins

One of my greatest struggles in life has been my inability to make a decision at times. Numerous times my husband would say, “…decisions end the confusion.” Even though I heard him, I remained in a state of confusion. Why? Because I was paralyzed by fear of the unknown and did not want to face undesirable consequences. I was uncertain about almost everything because I was worried about how my decisions impacted myself and others.

Remember my list of values in yesterday’s post? Although I need to feel peaceful and calm inside, I’m often conflicted by the strife of others. Whether it’s my colleagues at the Middle School where I teach or issues that my students face in the classroom, I want to problem solve and make everything better. It’s my nature to be uncertain about which way to go and when to hold my tongue and when to speak up. Most often – I just go for it!

You can practice confident decision-making by remembering a simple dictum over and over: You cannot have certainty and you don’t need it. By accepting that no certainty exists and that you don’t need it, you’ll instead harness intuition and, by extension, confidence.

Nando Pelusi Ph.D. (Psychology Today)

When I just go for it! Just as Dr. Pelusi has stated in the previously referenced quote, I have learned to trust my intuition as I make more decisions and gain more confidence. I realize the ‘worse case scenario’ and begin to operate from a position of power and not fear. Ironically, it always works out.

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