My Truth 365_4 – Journaling

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it…” –Habakkuk 2

What is your destination? What are you running towards?

My truth is that I have boxes and boxes of journals. I have been keeping a journal since I can remember writing. In my youth, it was called a diary. At that time I was more concerned with my day to day happenings. Capturing all of the juicy childhood and adolescent details of my life were so important. Later, I would read it with shock and awe as if it wasn’t me that wrote it.

As I grew up and began to read more self-help books, I realized that journaling was therapeutic. I started using my journal as a way to cast a vision for a better future. I was determined that one day I would make my mark in this world. I have captured moments throughout my adult life for the book I would one day write.

I have decided that in 2019, many books will be finalized and published. I know this because I have been writing them for a lifetime. I have always known my destination – I just wasn’t sure of the date of arrival. I am NOW because I made a decision!

Are your goals written down so you may run towards them?

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