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My Truth 365_5 – Emotional Truth

Understanding who you are is essential to your personal development, relationships, reaching your true potential, and living authentically.

Emotions are defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Oxford Dictionary

I recently completed a random online Emotional IQ (intelligence quotient) assessment. There were 112 questions. Results –  I need (value) the following (ranked by priority):

  1. To be Appreciated and Valued
  2. Clarity
  3. Achievement
  4. Responsibility

This is most definitely accurate.  When I think about how I relate to people and what I need, this list is spot on. It is just as important for me to be aware of what motivates my emotions as it is for those I interact with on a consistent basis. Emotions express what you value as well as what you fear. This is true because it’s ultimately about survival as a human being (I will blog more about this in the future).

There are various theories around what motivates emotions. The article, Overview of the 6 Major Theories of Emotion explains this well. Here are the three main categories:

  • Physiological – responses within the body like trembling/fear
  • Neurological – relating to activity within the brain
  • Cognitive – resulting from thoughts and other mental activity

There are times when I believe my emotions have gotten the best of me. Typically, my emotions are cognitively triggered. Usually, it has to do with what I am most passionate about. My students and their educational, social-emotional well-being, and women’s rights are at the top of the list for activating my emotions.

I am sharing this Truth because it is important to illustrate a major challenge that can stick it to a person in life. People sometimes have a difficult time seeing beyond what you show them to the heart of your good intentions or they use it as ammunition to assassinate your character.

Understanding who you are is essential to your personal development, relationships, reaching your true potential, and living authentically.

  • How aware are you of your emotional patterns?
  • How well do you manage your emotions?
  • What do people perceive about you based upon your emotional behavior?

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