My Truth 365_6 – Dreams

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Colin Powell

I can’t remember a time in my life when I did not dream of doing or being something in my life. In fact, anyone who knows me can attest to that. My life has been extremely active in the dream realm. What I am now realizing more than ever is that I did far more dreaming than actually doing or being. There are numerous reasons for this.

The primary reason is I made excuses. I did not believe I was worthy enough or capable of following through to the degree needed to accomplish my goals. Dreams are not actualized until they are transformed into goals and action is taken to achieve those goals.

I have spent the last three days reviewing my goals, strategic planning, updating this blog site, working on my book, and preparing for a productive and fruitful year ahead. This is the stuff success is bred from. I have known this all of my life, yet I just seriously decided to make it happen. Excuses BEGONE!

  • What are your goals for the coming month, year, and so on?
  • What dreams have you made excuses about and delayed taking action?
  • What is one action you could take within the next 24 hours of reading this post that would get you closer to fulfilling your dreams?

I challenge you to set goals and take action to achieve them. If you are a local Arizona resident and would like to attend the monthly TRIBE Authentic Woman Workshop (every 3rd Sunday in Mesa, AZ), or need personal coaching through the process, email me at  

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