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Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.


Today is the first day back in the class in the new year. During the Winter Break from my 7th/8th grade English class, many of my students were constantly on my mind. I wondered about their day-to-day lives and if all their needs were being met. My students are a very important part of my Truth!

My Truth is that I love teaching (especially Middle School) and I adore my students. This aligns with my personal core values on many levels. After working several years in Corporate America, I found teaching to be a different type of challenging, yet refreshing experience – one that I am so grateful for.

As a parent, I assumed I knew a lot about the education system. I was always very engaged and volunteered in my son’s classroom. The teachers made it look pretty easy. I (as a parent) did not see any issues at all. That is because I did not know the work that goes into preparing lessons and engaging students.

Also, as a parent, terms like the ones listed below, were completely foreign to me:

  • Pedagogy
  • Classroom Management
  • Social/Emotional Learning
  • Brain-based Learning
  • Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Professional Development

I ended up in the world of education in August 2014 when I decided to become a substitute teacher for extra money as an entrepreneur. The English Language Arts teacher resigned and I never left that classroom. Today, the class is known as The Lyons Den, and I am affectionately referred to as Momma Lyons.

Now, In my 5th year of teaching, I am very much so aware of those terms and have grown exponentially in the application of them. It has made me a much better person and allowed me to respect teachers, youth and the stages they both experience. The learning process definitely works both ways. They teach me a great deal every day.

Now that school is back in session, I am sure I will be periodically sharing more of my Truth about being Momma Lyons. This role has been the most challenging yet rewarding of my career life. I would not trade anything for the experiences I have, even though some days, I want to run screaming to the hills – no different than my days as the mother of my son. I love them just the same.

I invite you to share your thoughts on education by commenting below.

Momma Lyons

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