My Truth 365_10 – It’s a Choice

Maya Angelou taught Oprah Winfrey, “…when you know better, you do better.”

No disrespect intended towards either of the two women that I greatly respect, but I need to modify that statement to say, “…when you know better, you need to make better choices.”  Uh oh, that sounds a little preachy or judgemental, right?

Well, I am actually redirecting myself when it comes to this statement.  You see:

I know better than to consume foods that cause my health to suffer.  I know how to avoid greasy fried foods, but I love it.  I know the importance of regular exercise, but I don’t!  I also know my excess weight is a serious health risk, yet most often, I fail to control it.

My Truth

I AM Human… flawed… capable of failing. In fact, I rely upon my failures for growth. For every notable failure I have experienced, there have been huge successes or “wins”. I have moved the needle in life by ‘failing forward‘ and choosing to be hopeful.

My closest friends have many things to laugh about in my past. Some things were not as funny to me when I was going through it, but now I admittedly chuckle too when I think about what I’ve experienced. That is why I am so forgiving of young people. I really do remember…

So, my Truth is that I love to eat rich foods and it doesn’t love me in return. My body grows exponentially when eating carbohydrates in abundance – also a Truth that I must face. So, if I do partake, it does not make sense to get all upset and whine about it. Taking the low road of despair when I made a conscious choice is not being authentic with myself.

I choose the high road of HOPE that one day I will win the food addiction battle. Meanwhile, I choose to fight it out in the open and not in secret.

  • What do you do in life that you “choose” to do while knowing it isn’t good for you?
  • Are you hiding or openly doing it?
  • How do you feel while doing it?
  • Do you continually try to stop doing it?

I am grateful for every win and loss in my food battle.

Feel free to share in the comments below.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. CeeMac says:

    Davina thank you for your openness and for allowing your Spirit of Truth to shine upon your devoted followers, as well as myself, an admittedly bias supporter and loving admirer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Davina Lyons says:

      I’m so grateful for your love, support, and admiration.


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