My Truth 365_13 – Mindset & Thinking

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Recommended reading by Wayne Dyer

There are no longer doubts that linger in my mind about who I am and what I am truly capable of. My mindset is most definitely about GROWTH. It doesn’t matter to me what others believe about me, I am all about what I believe and the state of my mind.

I use to really trip out about people I “judged” as okay with the status quo in life. If I saw someone who did not actively seek to better themselves, I had major problems with them. My mindset was to define living as taking action to always level-up. In fact, I still admire all “go-getters”. I just judge the others less. I realize that people need help with problem-solving and some give up before getting started – to avoid everything.

I am not sure why I thought that way other than perhaps it was a way of keeping myself motivated. Thoughts and mindset can both be tricky as hell. You think you are right; therefore, you are? Not so sure if that is correct, but I know that I value the freedom to pick and choose my thoughts!

I have decided to devote time focused on mindset and the way we think over the next several blog posts (until I change my mind). This series will probably reveal a great deal about who you are to yourself if you continue to read the posts. You may change your thoughts; if so, get ready to change your life!

Link to Recommended Reading

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