My Truth 365_16 – Overcomer

When I think about my life and all the trials I have overcome, it is obvious to me that it is always possible to overcome as long as I am breathing and able-bodied to do so.

Davina Lyons

The reason I enjoy a more positive outlook about my life is that I learned to get up every time I fall. In fact, I eliminate all other options. I no longer wallow in pity or look for solace in others. I am content with keeping quiet and getting up!

I do this by mindfully focusing on my desired outcome. Getting up and trying again is essential to my survival. I quickly assess, “…what do I want to happen versus what is happening?” I develop a clear mental picture, dust myself off and get busy manifesting!

I wasn’t always able to handle it this well. There was a time that I used my fall as a reason to stay stuck. I needed someone to “kiss my boo boo” because as a child, when I fell, there was no sympathy or compassion. My mother wasn’t built like that. She was not a nurturer.

In some ways, I am grateful for my mother’s inability to soften the blows of life for me as a child. It allowed me to grow up and mature faster. I was much more resilient and developed the ability to bounce back quicker. I also learned that “…this too shall pass.”

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Robert Schuller

What do you do when you fall? Do you stay there and wallow? Reflect? Does it depend on how badly you are hurt? Do you need someone else to make you feel better? Do you call on others right away? How do you really handle adversity?

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