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My Truth 365_17 – Music

Another one of my Truths is that I naturally see and experience the world through music.
Music is an equalizer

Another one of my Truths is that I naturally see and experience the world through music.

Music can change the world because it can change people.


Yesterday evening I had the best time celebrating my day by listening to music; while cooking dinner, relaxing, and at times dancing around my home.

The students in my classroom always want to listen to music. It is tough for me to tell them no at times. I teach English Language Arts (reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary). I often tell them they can not adequately comprehend what they are reading if there is music in their ears.

They try to convince me that they learn better with music. They would have me believe that without music they are unable to focus at all. If what they say is true, we are doing them a great disservice during State mandated standardized testing. They cannot have music in their ears at that time no matter what they believe.

When I have the opportunity to allow music (creative time), they work very well and seem so content with life. Music becomes the great classroom equalizer. Last evening, I thought about my students as I enjoyed my music and could totally relate to how they feel about music. I am so much more productive and alive when I can freely listen to music.

How do you feel about music? How does it effect you when focusing on a task? What do you think about today’s youth who are so codependent upon music to make it through the days and nights?

Your comments are welcomed (especially since I rarely get comments on my posts).


    1. I love your post! I work very well with music playing in the background. From Gospel, Pop, Rock, to smooth Jazz. It depends upon what I’m working on. I find this to be very true with my children as well. When we really need to focus, smooth Jazz is our go to music.

      Thanks for sharing. I would support mandated testing to play soft music during testing.

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