My Truth 365_18 – Who is Authentic?

Yesterday was the dreaded dentist appointment – deep root cleaning. Right now, as I type, my mouth is aching something fierce! I am up in the middle of the night because I came in from the dentist and immediately fell asleep; even with one half of my face numb.

I typically share #MyTruth365 in response to a heavy thought or experience within the last 24-48 hours. Whatever resonates with me from that time period is meant for me to share as my Truth. So, after a recent conversation where a statement was made about whether or not I am authentic; I thought I would clarify a few things:

  • Authenticity is unique to the individual
  • Not everyone is privy to your inner thoughts
  • Telling any or ALL of your personal business does not equate to authentic
  • You may not understand the ways of someone or the choices they make, but that doesn’t make them inauthentic
  • Authenticity is VALUES based – until you genuinely understand what someone’s personal core values are, it’s unjust to judge their decisions
  • There are an infinite number of values one can possess, it takes time and great effort to dig deep enough to understand others let alone yourself
  • The fears that others have about your life is not automatic, it’s based on their life and what they fear on your behalf
  • Finally, the people who are determined to travel their own path (good or bad) are often the most authentic

These are all points I had to learn over time. I learned to trust my intuition and live life with empathy. I see my faults and I face them as with all of my life lessons. By extending myself towards others, I grow. This is why I have taken twenty plus years to arrive at the point that I am today.

No matter what others see; I finally see myself as successful… I measure that success with my own ruler. All I wish for others is the same.

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