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Your Feelings Are Overrated.

I could not agree more with this post, so I had to reblog and share it with my readers. When I am in my feelings for whatever reason, everything is heightened and intensified. I have learned to think more feel less. This post really does confirm why I do that.

Pointless Overthinking

We are often told to act in alignment to what we feel. How we feel. For whom we feel. This notion of acting in alignment with our feelings can be a dangerous mindset.

In fact, allow me to tell you that your feelings are completley overrated. They are unimportant.

Look, there are only 2 reasons to do things in life.

  1. Because it feels good
  2. Because you believe its something to be right/good

Sometimes these two reasons align. We do something that feels good and we know is the right thing/a good thing to do. We do it, and you and everyone else is happy and we all live happily ever after.

But more often, they don’t align. Doing something that feels good is much easier than doing something that doesn’t feel good, but we know is the right thing to do.

Doing something that feels good is easy, but isn’t…

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